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Who We Are

We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Deleware.

How It All Began

How It All Began

Our Story

We’re Connect Nxt Inc, a fast moving digital marketing agency based in Deleware. Founded by experienced marketing professionals over many cups of tea at Deleware's Drip Cafe. Our brand promise is simple: to provide a powerful digital marketing solution to small and medium businesses that are looking to build success online.

Who we are

A small team of a very talented people with digital marketing roots. We are now merged with Ezwaz Data Solutions the leading E-mail marketing service provider to generate a unique digital marketing platform.

What we do

Produce a quality marketing application to make it easier for agencies to run their business and provide reports to their clients.

Why we do it

Passion and love for developing. We are obsess over every detail. From making the user interface easy to providing the latest marketing data.

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Connect Nxt Insights & Articles

Connect Nxt Insights & Articles

A Blog About Analytics, Marketing & Testing

Target Individual Users by Tailoring Your Website !

We all know that no user is the same. Aside from the basics such as age, gender, socio-economic background and so every person differs in life experiences, interests, and preferences.

What’s Love Got To Do With Marketing Reports?

How would you like to leave work early? Raven’sreports prove to be a major time saver for this marketing agency.With the ability to show progress and improvements over time.

Measuring Social Team Member Effectiveness

Undoubtedly, your team works hard to drive ROI across all of your social channels; therefore, it is important to identify who’s contributing what, where there are missed opportunities.

Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

Customer success always comes first.