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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Why choose Connect Nxt Inc.?

Connect Nxt is a strategic marketing firm focused on Corporate B2B data to help you build your sales pipeline through targeted online or offline methods. We are data owners that own, build and maintain these lists in-house. Our comprehensive B2B database contains over 23 million small, mid to large sized business across the United States. We also cover contacts and companies from the following countries Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. We provide direct email addresses of contacts from the C-level positions up to the staff level. We cover almost all business verticals that include Government, Telecom, IT, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, Banking and Financial services, Transport, Wholesale, Business Services, Non-Profit Etc
To ensure that your marketing campaign does not reach irrelevant target audience, we have the ability to filter your campaigns to highly potential customers/prospect database by selecting data using the following selection criteria’s – SIC, Title, Sales Volume, Employee Size, and more.

How is the data compiled?

Our data is compiled from a number of sources, including: Yellow and White Page directories; federal, state, city, and county government agencies; trade associations; state licensing boards; leading business magazines; newspapers; company websites & newsletters; annual reports; 10Ks and other SEC filings; new business registration and incorporations; internet listings; and many other sources of public record. No matter what the source, we ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive data available. The collected information is email appended and verified with an opt-in invitation sent to the contact requesting permission to include their email address into our B2B database for receiving business related updates from our company and 3rd parties. We add only the contacts that agree for this invite and the rest are excluded. So the database which you purchase will be 100% single opt-in with all supporting information.

How often are your database updated?

On average, our database is updated once in 45-days. This update would have the bad or irrelevant contacts removed or replaced with the new person in position. We frequently use custom-built Software that can remove bounces, invalid users, spam traps etc.
Moreover, we pre-qualify the list before delivery; which ensures 100% valid and accurate info.

What data is included in the list?

We deliver the data with complete contact and business information that will include the following – Verified Business Email address, Company Telephone number, Fax Number, Postal address, Employee size, Revenue size, URL, Industry description, Executive name, Company name, Title, First, Last name, City, State, Zip code and Country.

How is the data formatted?

All of our databases are formatted in standard Microsoft Excel or CSV. The data can be easily imported directly into programs like SalesForce or other CRM software’s. If you are having trouble importing our data into your contact management system or email software, feel free to contact us for help at
Do you provide the IP address &

Time-stamp with the email list leads?

Yes, all our email lists will contain the prospect’s computer IP address, timestamp and source, identifying the exact instance the prospect submitted their request. This information is imperative for email marketing. Do not buy leads from anyone who cannot provide this information, and show you how they generated their leads. However, this opt-in information is not delivered along with the data, as we do not want our files to be resold by other companies in the market. B2Bdataquest will reveal this information as and when needed by our clients, if they receive any spam complaints or for addressing any other opt-in related issue.

How soon will I get my list after I make the payment?

We provide our customers with the data download link within 24-72 hrs from receipt of the payment. We require this time to do the final round of verification and also merge and purge the data with the DNE (do not email file and blacklisted domains).

Do you offer refund?

Yes, we offer refunds, if we do not deliver our committed terms. Before processing the refund we oblige our client to provide us complete details about the mailing and what is the fault they found with the delivered data. We would try to replace hard bounces or inaccuracy in data with the changes. If still there is an issue in the file, we agree refunds for the following reasons 1. High hard bounce rate 2. Data as not specified in the contract. Refunds are not provided for the following issues 3. Low response rate 4. Soft Bounces Etc

How can I pay for the database?

You can purchase our databases using our 100% secure payment website. We accept payments through all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). Your personal information will be safe with SSL 128 Bit encryption through secured payment gateway. We accept payment through PayPal, Check, e-check, wire transfers.

Is it legal to send email to the list and what about CAN-SPAM Act?

When sending emails you need to make sure you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. To comply, your email must include a disclaimer, a valid return email, a physical address, and an easy way to unsubscribe. Connect Nxt has adopted strict compliance rules to protect the privacy of consumers. We contractually require all marketing partners to do the same by adopting a strict adherence to both the CAN-SPAM ACT and the rules promulgated under the National Do-Not-Call Registry Act as well as various state privacy laws. For more on the CAN-SPAM Act please visit:

Can I resell the list?

No. You cannot resell our lists or database with our regular purchase. All of our lists and databases are protected by copyright, intellectual property, and all other applicable laws of the United States and other countries worldwide. Any unauthorised reproduction or distribution of the data is subject to an infringement suit and criminal charges. However, if you would like to retain our resell rights, you can purchase our reseller package.